Kojima Inbo Plant Collecting Rubber Stamp - Enkianthus

$ 10.30

Nothing excites me more when our stationery radar spotted something that our haven't seen in overseas market. And we just feel so honored & lucky to be the first retailer in overseas brings Kojima Inbo stamps into our little shop. 

Kojima Inbo is a wife & husbad run stamp studio in Aichi, Japan.   Kojima Inbo is actually a branch shop from the original Tenshido Kojima Inbo which established in 1933.  All these warm-hearted and adorable illustrations are hand-draw by the wife, Kojima Mayumi. 

The wooden stamp handles are made from 100% cherry blossom tree, so they have a very nice natural tone and matte texture.  Die-cut stamp surface corners, so you won't have to worry about having these unwanted corners even when stamping on an uneven surface.

Dimension: 1.2x.6xH1in

Made In Japan

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