Jb0xtchi Washi Sticker Roll - Animals

$ 11.80

Jessica Ng is a self-taught artist who is professionally trained as a Graphics Designer as well as a Fashion Designer. She received her educations at UNSW Art & Design followed by the Fashion Design School (FDS) TAFE NSW. After spending a few years in the fashion industry Jessica started building an online following via Instagram and launched her online store selling her artworks in the form of prints and stationery under her brand jb0xtchi. As of 2021 she is now a full time artist having her first overseas solo exhibition in Hong Kong 2022

Her work depicts a sense of whimsical innocence, juxtaposed against themes of loneliness and darkness. The world she creates is filled with Anthropomorphic creatures and childlike characters with dark eyes interacting in various settings inspired by fairy tales, fantasy books, western cartoons, and Japanese anime mixed with childhood memories and experiences in life.

Each sticker die-cut individually

Dimension: 30mmx5M