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Ferris Wheel The Scribe Ballpoint Pen - Madame Burgues

$ 39.00

The Scribe Ballpoint pen from Ferris Wheel Press is rapidly gaining popularity and is now one of their most highly coveted writing instruments. It appeals to individuals from all walks of life with its striking design, featuring a glossy copper body, a sturdy plated steel clip, and an opulent rotating brass crown.

The pen offers a seamless writing experience, thanks to its custom German archival ink refills, which are available in four attention-grabbing colors. Its features include a full copper body, an engraved brass crown that rotates, and a robust plated steel clip. The pen measures 142mm in length, 8.5mm in diameter, and weighs 22g. It comes with a custom German archival ink refill in 1.0mm medium black.

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