Charpter I : Thank You For Being Here

Charpter I : Thank You For Being Here

Hi Friends,

Siming's here :-) It's been awhile.  I'm so glad that you made your way here to our new website.  I missed you guys!

From on now, I'll be sharing some of my journals, craft tips, wrapping ideas, favorite places and travel memories at here with you through this wonderful platform, so stay tuned!  


For this month, I wanted to share some of my experiences with you of the highlight places that I spotted during my Sept trip to Tokyo.  Are you ready?

The shops I'm introducing today are located in these two stations called "Nishi-Ogikubo(西荻窪)" and "Koenji(高円寺)".  These two stations are very close to each other.  They're on the same route "Chuo Line(中央線)".  Only about 23mins from the well-known busy "Shijiuku Station".


Although These two stations may seem smaller and quieter compare to "Shijiuku Station(新宿駅)", but they are actually PACKED with interesting and unique shops, restaurants and historic streets!  It will probably take you an entire day to wandering and explore.  

When travel to another country, I would usually do some brief research of the area that I'm planning to visit.  Especially when the time is limited, I would definetly reccomed to just simply google the keyword of the area and what kind of place you want to go first, make your priority.  Because, a city like Tokyo can easily get you lost in the varieties of shops..



Personally I love to explore new stationery shops(of course!) and also cafes!  Cafes in Japan are cute, well-crafted and mostly important, heathy and delicious with reasonable pricing! Here are some awesome cafes that you may want to keep them in your go-to list when visit Tokyo.



       N0.3  Cotito

Cotito is a beautiful florist/ pastry shop.  I found Cotito was actually from IG on 2016.  I was truly in awe with the whimsical presentation of their cookie when i saw them at the first time.  The place is actually not that spacious inside, so i wasn't able to sit down and slowly enjoy the tea and cookies.  Though I was still have to found my way to this little gem.



Look at these beauties...

If you don't mind to wait for about 10-20 mins, i believe you can get a seat for sure.  They have a variety of drink meun and they also make their original fruit tea, highly recommend!


Should be a good place to take a rest after long walk through the city. 



                                                               No.2  Sajilo Clove

Question, only judging by its front door looks, what kind of food do you think does this cafe provide?


These rustic chairs and tables are everything..

None of you would thought about this, but Sajilo Clove is a actually Nepalian curry place!  Japanese people love curry! I personally like Japanese style curry, but i'm more like spicy curry kinda girl, so the deco and the food of this pace was PERFECT for me and my friends!

                                                     Today's special: mushroom & chicken curry  

 Cozy feel

Cozy and comfortable ambiance  

This color looks Yum Yum!

Look what i got!  Even just the colors look so yummy :-D
and ...


The price and portion were very reasonable.  Lunch menu including one drink, curry, bread/rice, and salad only cost $11! No tip policy is the great thing i love about restaurants in Japan!  Also this place is right on the way to the cafe Cotito I mentioned earlier on this post.

So you can stop here fro lunch for have desert and tae at Cotito.  Seems like a perfect day for me ;-)



One of my all-time favorite cafe in Tokyo!  I have to go back there every time when i visit Japan.  The owner also the designer of this cafe, designed the front door to the kids height. The concept of the entire interior is to make the customers feel the way back to their childhood.  "Surprise" and "Joy" is the two words would describe this lovely cafe perfectly.




Wooden chairs, tables, floors, ladder, beams...feel the coziness and warmness.

On the wall, these kawaii paintings are all painted by hands



How cute is this?!Ordered Macha latte and sponge cake with honey and cream on the side.

I'm a sucker for macha... the flavor always relaxes me.  Do you like macha?

           Soft and light homemade sponge cake with honey and whipped cream on the side.


 Or if you like coffee, you can also try their coffee latte and cheese cake.  cakes are make in  the shop, fresh and delicious!
Shop Info
Address: 東京都杉並区西荻北5丁目26−18
5-26-18 Nishi-nishikubo Kita, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour: 11:00~19:00 Weekend only
Tel : +81367532395
Sajilo clove
Address: 東京都杉並区西荻北3-42-13-1F
3 −42−13 ,Nishiogikita, Suginami ku, Tokyo
Business Hour: weekday | Monー Fri 11:30 -23:00
holiday | 11:30 - 23:00
 Tel: +813-6761-8330    
Address: 高円寺北2丁目18-10
Koenjikita 2-18-10, Suginami ku, Tokyo
Business Hour: 12PM-12AM
Tel: +81 3-6762-8122

Talk soon!  
     To be continued....




November 01, 2017